The Re-Use Process

Load bales4


As the textiles are graded they are placed in designated containers known as chambers. Once the chambers are full one of our team members will empty the chamber and double check to make sure the grade is correct. For example, we have a chamber for bras and when this chamber is emptied our team will make sure only bras are in this container. The grade is then weighed and baled. Our bales are labelled with our logo and the grade so when the bale is sent to its next destination, our customers will be assured that it is a quality product from BTR and what it contains.
transport clothes5

Transporting & Exporting

Each morning BTR loads a 20’ – 40’ container of our bales ready to sail the sea to its next destination. From the 20 tonnes of textiles received daily 12.5% will stay in the UK to be reused or recycled and the remaining 87.5% will exported for reuse in Eastern Europe, central Africa, and South Asia. The textile recycling industry creates trade and commerce in the UK as well as abroad. With over 70% of the world’s population using second hand clothing, BTR and the textile re-use industry gives people access to good quality, affordable used clothing and textiles.

The process in action: