About us

Founded in 1972, Bristol Textile Recyclers (BTR) Ltd is a family run business who diverts 20 tonnes of textiles from landfill daily.  Traditionally BTR help its retail charity partners further fundraise for their beneficiaries by purchasing their unsellable donations including clothing and other textiles. Today, in addition working with retail charities, BTR also helps other charitable organisations fundraise with recycling with clothing drives and recycling banks. These organisations include schools, clubs, scouts & guides as well as other community groups. Find out what happens to the textiles next here.

We pride ourselves in our excellent level of service. We have our team of 70 to thank for earning us such a great reputation in the textile recycling industry for friendliness and reliability. We cultivate a happy working environment to strengthen our foundation for success and focus on maintaining sustainability to secure our team and BTR’s future.

Benefits for our Environment

Textile recycling and re-use has significant benefits for our environment as it saves our textile waste from landfill and preserves the resources that would have been used to make the same garment again.

See below for more information as to why textile recycling is so important:

The majority of textiles thrown out by households end up in landfill, with Defra estimating that 1.5 million tonnes a year of unwanted clothing is eventually land filled. (letsrecycle.com)
Sweatshirts, fleeces & jumpers
Textiles make up about 3% by weight of a household bin. At least 50% of the textiles we throw away are recyclable; however, the proportion of textile wastes reused or recycled annually in the UK is only around 25%. (waste online)