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Cash for Clothes

Thank you for the opportunity to assist in the recycling of your unwanted textiles with our cash for clothes service. Please find some useful information below about our pricing as well as our terms and conditions.

How it Works

One of our friendly team members will help bring your clothing from your vehicle to our quality checking zone within our factory. We welcome you to join us in the factory. View the sorting process and take in the buzz of the atmosphere of our team hard at work helping to recycle the 20 tonnes of textiles we recycle on average each day. Or, grab a seat in reception and we will make you a cup of tea while you wait. Depending on how much you have for recycling, the quality check takes about 5 minutes per bag based on each bag weighing approximately 7kg which is around the same weigh as a full bin liner.

Clothing, shoes, bags & belts

@ 50p per kilo

Clothing, shoes, bags and belts: This includes good quality, clean, wearable, reusable clothing, paired shoes, handbags and belts.

Complimentary recycling

This includes good quality, reusable books, bric-a-brac, CD’s, DVD’s, video games as well as electrical items with no visible damage.

Unrecyclable textiles

This includes items that are ripped, stained, damp, wet, show signs of pilling, fading or stretching

Terms and Conditions

Prices and running offers are as stated on our price list located at our premises. Pricing and offers on other promotional material may be deemed invalid if not in conjunction with the current pricing and offers. For up to date information please view our website:
Bulk Sellers
If a seller has 200kg+ then an appointment to deliver stock must be made in advance. During the appointment, BTR’s team will quality check the stock to assess the resale value. An initial assessment will be made after the check is 25% complete. BTR is looking for a minimum requirement of 41% summer clothing and 59% winter clothing. If the summer clothing is less than 41% and/or the winter clothing is more than 59%, BTR reserves the right to discontinue the check and return the stock to the seller. Please note, due to a high level of jumpers, fleeces and sweatshirts, BTR is only able to offer a complimentary recycling service for these grades. All other standard cash for clothes rates will apply. PAYMENT WILL BE MADE BY BACS OR CHEQUE WHEN SELLING 200KG +
Quality Check
During the quality check, our team member will provide an assessment on approximately ½ of the clothing items for recycling and if deemed to be of a low quality, reserves the right to decline checking the remaining items and the seller will be responsible for the disposal or may pay BTR 10p per kilo to dispose of the unrecyclable clothing items. This includes, but is not limited to, items that are faded, show signs of pilling, are stretched, shrunken or show any other sign of severe wear. We will not accept any items that are ripped, stained, damp or wet and are unable to assist with any disposal of items in this condition.
The seller reserves the right to request the clothing items are returned and cancel the transaction prior to payment taking place if the seller is not satisfied with the grading process, price or payment method. Once payment has been made for the clothing items, no refunds will be provided and the clothing items cannot be returned.