Export Grades, Wiper & Books

cream grade


This grade includes brand new, fashionable, high street clothing, shoes and accessories that have been carefully selected and quality checked by our highly trained team. There are over 12 grades to choose from including winter, summer, children’s and more. Each grade is packed in a durable poly bag to ensure the contents are protected and weighed consistently and accurately before being labelled ready for collection.
A & B Grades

A & B Grades

This grade includes clothing, shoes and household textiles that are popular in East and West African markets. Our highly experienced grading team work quickly and efficiently to ensure we achieve a high standard of product. We work closely with our customers to understand the changing fashions and adjust our grades accordingly.
Pakistan Grade

Pakistan Grade

This grade includes heavy winter clothing and shoes that are popular in South Asian markets.


Our wiper grade includes sweatshirt, mixed t-shirt, white t-shirt, towelling and best whites. A great green alternative to disposable cleaning cloth, our wiper grades are durable reusable cleaning cloth suitable for heavy industrial applications to light cleaning, screen printing and fine polishing. All wiper is packed in 10kg bales.
books & media

Books & media

Good quality, reusable books, CD’s, DVD’s and video games are available to UK buyers by the kilo.